Do you need health insurance?  We might have a way to help you!

We provide information about the Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care.

Some of the requirements to be taken in consideration for Obama Care would be:

  • U.S. Citizen, Resident or Employed with a Workers Visa
  • Individual needs to fall between the 2014 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines based on household number. Individual should fall in between the 100%-400% poverty level to be able to benefit from the Affordable Care Act.
  • Individual is not already under any government medical aid.

Benefits that de Affordable Care Act provides:

·       Free Preventive Care

·       Lab Test

·       Prescription Drugs

·       Care before and After baby is born

·       Care for Children up to age 19

·       Outpatient Care

·       Trips to emergency room

·       Impatient Care

·       Care for mental health and substance use

Market place opens on November 1st  – January 1st

So What?

  • That is the time to contact one of our experienced advisors who can lead you to the correct path and guide you to a program that can felicitate your medical coverage.
  • Our advisor can answer any questions contact Gustavo Valdez Community Action Agency at 314-446-4460 for any question.